Our values

We're on a journey, so some of these ideals still represent what we would like to be, but here is what matters to us:

  • authenticity: We value individuality, including the quirks that make us unique. No-one needs to pretend to be something else
  • children: Children are full members of our community. Often they are our teachers
  • independent thought: We value questioning, thinking faith. We're comfortable with honest disagreement
  • life-long learning: We prize learning and education as key tools for growth and transformation
  • hospitality: We strive to be generous, warm, welcome hosts to any and all who come to us
  • prayer: We value prayer - not just as an afterthought. As Wesley said 'God does nothing but in answer to prayer'.
  • hopeful diversity: We believe the diversity of our country's people is a gift to us. We are hopeful about our future together.
  • every-member ministry: Although only a few are ordained, we believe all our people are called and gifted by God and we look for ways to encourage, nurture and exercise those gifts

Our Mission

We are a worshipping community, making disciples of Jesus to change our world

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