UMC preaching series

Starting dateSeries titleNo. of sermons
2020-04-19Together behind locked doors7
2020-03-01Choose life8
2020-02-02Covenant - choosing the narrow way4
2020-01-05See! I am doing a new thing4
2019-12-01Welcoming the King6
2019-06-23Ordinary time - a long perseverance in the same direction22
2019-03-06Lent 20196
2019-02-03Dust - on the road with Jesus5
2018-12-02Prepare the way2
2018-04-08Resurrection people8
2018-02-18Covenant - the faithfulness of God8
2018-01-07Now my eyes have seen you5
2018-01-01UMC Sermons 201827
2017-12-03Pauses for Advent4
2017-10-01Dear Church3
2017-07-30John who? - rediscovering the treasures of our Wesleyan heritage3
2017-06-04Better together3
2017-04-30Let it go4
2017-03-01Saviour of the world - Lent 20176
2017-02-12Abraham - friend of God3
2017-01-15Deeper - beyond surface living4
2017-01-01UMC Sermons 201719
2016-11-27The face of God - revealed in Jesus4
2016-10-02Surprised by joy - life lessons from Philippi4
2016-09-04Missio Dei - the Spirit and the Church in Acts4
2016-07-24Your work matters - finding meaning and purpose from Monday to Friday4
2016-06-05Ordinary saints - living the sermon on the mount5
2016-05-08One hit wonders3
2016-04-10Inside out - God at work in our feelings4
2016-03-20Holy week 20166
2016-01-17Why Jesus?4
2016-01-03UMC Sermons 201615
2015-11-29Advent 20153
2015-11-01Bedtime stories - life lessons from Sunday School4
2015-09-27Simplify - uncluttering the soul3
2015-09-06Creation matters3
2015-07-26Reading Romans with Wesley5
2015-06-21Renovation of the heart4
2015-04-19Surprised by hope3
2015-02-19Lent 201512
2015-01-11The good life4
2015-01-04UMC Sermons 201511
2014-11-30Advent 20146
2014-01-05UMC Sermons 20148