This page includes everything you need to know about how UMC is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. We have set up UMC WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal groups to keep everyone updated. Only our minister, Michael, is able to post to the groups, and we promise not to spam you with too much content! To join the Whatsapp group, click here on your phone / tablet. To join the Telegram group, click here. The Signal group invite is here.
  2. Our Sunday services have been suspended until after Easter. But we will be worshipping online together at 08h00 on Sundays here: (If you can't make it at 8am, there will be a recording available later on our YouTube channel). First prize though is for as many as possible of us to be online together - there is a public chat forum that we can use and even though we are not physically together, we're hoping this will give us a sense of being a community together during this challenging time.
  3. The church office is closed, but you can still phone us on the office number (032 947 0173) and either Michael or Janet can still come through to the office by arrangement if necessary.
  4. For pastoral concerns, please phone Michael or Elaine, or contact Janet via the office. Also, we have a prayer request email address that you can use (
  5. We recognise that numbers of our members (especially those with limited access to technology) are going to feel especially cut off during this time. We are collecting names and phone numbers of people in this category so that we can ensure that they are phoned regularly and that we are able to help with any practical needs. Contact Elaine or email if you would like to add a name to this group.
  6. Giving: The cancellation of services will have a huge financial impact on the church, but we have taken this step in faith, believing that it is the most loving and considerate action to take at this time. It would be wonderful if during this season our members took the step of registering as planned givers and continued to worship God through our stewardship of the resources he has entrusted to us. Visit our giving page for more details.
  7. Sign up for the Journey App and keep up to date with sermon audio, blog posts, small group questions and daily devotions.
  8. Children and youth: For now our young people are on holiday, but Rose and Ozzy are working on ways of meaningfully connecting with our children and youth during this time.
  9. Small groups are not meeting physically, but we've had some very successful experiments with WhatsApp group audio chats. Skype / Zoom are other options too. For material, some excellent online courses have been made available for free here. Why not reach out to your circle and start a 'virtual group'? Tell us how it goes!
  10. Have an idea that you think may help us at this time? Send it to