Youth and Children at UMC

Kym Bishop 16 Oct 2017 sunday blog  youth  children 

Many of you will have heard us talk about some of the plans for next year for our youth at UMC, espcially as we grow in our relationship with the DLA high school. Included in the plans has been talk of a full time youth pastor. But I am certain many of you were beginning to think he didn't actually exist! We have spoken about this mythical person for so long without ever giving much detail about who he is.

Well, this past week, the leaders had the opportunity to meet him, proving he is an actual person, in the flesh. We are so excited to have this young man joining us on the staff team from January 2018. His name is Monde Osborn Madlala, but everyone calls him Ozzy. He is from Pietermaritzburg, he was born there and went to school there. He connected with the Metro Methodist Church at a young age, and became involved in youth and grew into youth leadership. As a young adult, he studied theology at the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary in Pietermaritzburg while working as the youth pastor at Metro Methodist Church. After completing his studies he went to serve as the youth pastor at Clairmont Methodist Church in Cape Town, where he has been for the past three years. Ozzy is also a local preacher and passionate about music and worship. Along with continuing the ministry to young people at UMC, Ozzy will also connect with the teenagers at DLA High School.

This weekend, 23 of our youth and Sunday School have been away together on camp. We have been overwhelmed by the love and support and generosity of the UMC family in preparation for the camp. Thank you to everyone for the prayers, sponsorship and contributions. This camp also brings to an end the Youth Alpha Confirmation Course that has been running for twelve weeks, and next Sunday, 4 young people will be confirmed as members of UMC. Thank you also to all of those who participated in the process through organising and leading sessions, mentoring and praying for the young people.

It is an exciting season, and we are so looking forward to what God will do in and through our young people at UMC. Please continue to pray for them, for Marcia and Clifton and their teams this year and for Ozzy, as he prepares to join us. We are also looking for bachelor accommodation for Ozzy from next year, so please contact us if you hear of anything :)


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