Prayer and procrastination

Kym Bishop 16 May 2016 prayer  sunday blog  discipleship 

It's a strange thing, how much we resist doing those things that we know are good for us.  Exercise, healthy eating, reading that stretches our brains – we all know the value of these things, and yet we still find many, many reasons to avoid the run, to eat the chocolate, and to read Facebook rather than an Editorial piece.  Michael sent me the link to a wonderful video on procrastination, assuring me it would change my life for the better – and I put off watching it for about ten days!  The video spoke about how we tend to put off doing things we know we should do, until the deadline looms close enough to make us panic, and get it done.  But if we do not have a deadline to force us into action, some things just never get done.  So, the long-term plans to become better people, to sign up for something, to read a certain book, unless we have a time frame and someone to hold us to it, these things always remain on our list-of-things-to-do.

The same is true for our spiritual life, particularly practising spiritual disciplines, like prayer and reading the bible.  We know their value, and the role they play in growing us in our faith.  But for some reason we find them so hard to knuckle down and do.  Part of it is that in-built resistance in us to the things we know are good for us.  Part of it is the lack of a deadline.  We can always put it off until tomorrow, when we are a little less busy. Michael and I often talk about 'the slower day' – we will do such-and-such when the slower day comes.  For a while we thought the slower day would never come.  Now we realise the slower day is here, and the time is now, because life doesn't really get slower.  And if it is that important, then we will make time for it. 

Next week Saturday, we are offering a prayer retreat.  A day to withdraw from the busyness of life and spend a block of time with God.  It is a hard thing to sign up for, because life is busy and there is lots to do and we think we can always go to the next one... Don't put it off. These days can be restorative, transformative and life changing.  They can also be simple, quiet opportunities to spend time with God.  Join us for this time of retreat and reflection, it will be good for you :)


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