UMC Women's Fellowship

Oct 18, 2021 Michael Bishop women groups

Umhlali’s Women’s Auxiliary has a long and proud history in our church of selfless service, enthusiastic and generous support for a huge range of mission projects over the years, and for nurturing faith amidst a caring network of friends. These last 18 months of not being able to meet have reminded us all of the incredible gift that our WA has been to our church.

So, it was wonderful to see many of our WA members gathered together during this last week for the first time in so long. The group was meeting for the first time in its new form as a fellowship group, rather than a WA. I think it’s a very wise decision to make this change. The Women’s Fellowship are still eager to serve, to support mission and to nurture Christian friendships, but without the formality, procedures and administrative requirements of being a WA.

We talked together about the new thing that God is doing in this group (Isaiah 43:19) and we reflected on Jesus’ image of the new wineskins that are necessary for new wine. We gave thanks for the rich history of the WA in Umhlali, but also celebrated in anticipation the new things that await us in this next season.

I’m sure you’ll hear more details in due course, but you may want to make a note in your diaries, ladies, for the next get-together that will take place at 09h30 on Thursday 18 November.

On a different note, thank you to those who have been joining us online in worship – your feedback has been very helpful as we keep working on improving the online experience each week. Hopefully today’s service will see improved video quality (our line speed has been upgraded again) and song words and readings up on the screen too. Also, the preacher promises not to move the lectern so that he disappears out of the picture :)

If you have any other comments or suggestions, please let us know so that we can make the online worship experience as meaningful and inclusive as possible.