Shaking the gates of hell

Mar 28, 2015 worship preaching

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, once said, 'Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin, and desire nothing but God, and I care not a straw whether they be clergy or lay; such alone will shake the gates of hell and set up the kingdom of heaven on earth'. At UMC, we are inching closer to our one hundred preachers who will shake the gates of hell and set up the kingdom of heaven on earth, as we continue to welcome new preachers onto our growing preaching team. 

A few weeks back, Gavin Mare preached for the first time at the 08h30 service. Gavin, his wife Bev, and their two young sons are regulars at the 08h30 service, but I am sure over time, Gavin will be leading some of the other services at UMC too. Myles and Helen Jee are involved in the 07h00 service, and Myles has already preached at that service. Today, he is preaching at 10h00 for the first time. Myles has been a preacher and pastor for many years, and his wisdom and experience have been a gift. John Bredenkamp is well known as a society steward, and those who are part of the 08h30 service will recognise John's wife Joan behind the piano. Today, John is preaching at the 07h00 and 08h30 service. 

I cannot tell you how excited Michael and are to have, together with Clifton Bartholomew, a team of such passionate, faithful and gifted preachers. It is a privilege to have people, who have heard God's call to share His gospel, respond to this call, even though it is hard work and very scary! All the preachers are signed up for their relevant studies and courses, and are embarking on a journey of learning, growing and being stretched. Let us continue to encourage them, to journey with them, and to give thanks to God for them. And let us also all be listening for God's call upon each of our lives, for, as Mother Theresa said 'we each have something beautiful to do for God.'