One small action

Aug 16, 2021 Michael Bishop violence South Africa mission

In the week following the unrest and looting that took place in KZN, I shared details with you of friends from a local NGO ( who were trying to do something to help the informal traders whose shops in Nkobongo, Shayamoya, Shaka’s Head and other nearby areas were stripped bare (and in some cases the building itself was destroyed).

The idea was very simple: it costs about R7,500 to stock an entire shop and the plan was to see if a small network of friends could come together and help a couple of shop-owners. Incredibly, the project has helped many more than this – to date over R300,000 has been raised and 41 shops have been restocked (including by some of you). This week Kent and Lyndall were interviewed on TV about the remarkable impact of the project on the local community – hopefully the additional exposure will see even more support for their work.

What strikes me though is that there was no absolutely guarantee that the appeal would get this kind of response. Regardless, this couple were determined to do something. They had an idea and they went for it. And ultimately, whether 1 shop or 41 shops was helped, it was that determination to act – to do something practical - that made all the difference and is to be celebrated.

I wonder how many world-changing ideas that you or I have had have been snuffed out because we thought they would never amount to anything. Is there something that you feel called to do, some action that will change this world for the better?

Could the Stock-a-Shop project which began with a simple idea and a website be the nudge that inspires you to take action?