Keep Looking

Jan 16, 2023 Mark Wiemers

In John 1:37, Jesus asks his disciples a question for the ages: “What are you looking for?”

How might we answer that question? As we head into the new year, what are we hoping for, both in our everyday life and in our spiritual life? Do we know? In our heart, in our secret and quiet places, what are the hungers that drive us forward?

When we think about our life - our activities, our relationships, our goals and dreams, are we content that our lives are full, or are we really longing for a fuller life? Do we yearn for deeper fulfilment, or meaning? What are we looking for?

Why do we still have skin in this game we call Christianity? When we go to church, when we pray, when we open the pages of Scripture, are we looking for anything, or are we just going through the motions of a religious life? What are we looking for? Are we seeking consolation? Affirmation? Belonging? Certainty? What are we looking for?

The invitation by Jesus to “come and see” is maddeningly open ended. It suggests that life and spirituality are not about reaching destinations, but are more about the journey – a journey of ongoing discovery. To “come and see” is to approach all of life with a grace-filled curiosity. To come and see is to recognise that we are holy mysteries yearning to be deeply seen and deeply known, and to have the very best that lies hidden within us called forth.

It is an approach that feels risky. Along the way we will be invited to step outside some of our comfort zones, and dare to believe that just maybe we have been limited in our certainties about each other, about God, and about the world.

Approaching life with grace-filled curiosity means that “looking” becomes an intentional practice that in time evolves into an unconscious habit. Because, looking prepares us for seeing, and seeing is always a meaningful surprise that impacts us with a deep sense of grace and awe.

We might not be able to capture exactly what we are looking for, but as long as we are looking… we are able to get glimpses of the way God sees us and our world. God evokes and uses our curiosity. Just keep looking!!!

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