Evening service

May 09, 2015 worship

One of the exciting aspects of local church ministry is that it is dynamic. We may think nothing ever changes in the church (and in some ways this is true!) but in other ways, the church and ministry in the church is always changing. It has to, if we are to continue to be relevant and contextual in the world today. But this dynamic has to be constantly balanced with the solid foundations of scripture, reason, tradition and experience. So while keeping up with current trends and remaining fresh is exciting, it is also one of our greatest challenges: what does ministry in the local church look like today? How can we preach the same message of Jesus in a world whether nothing ever really stays the same?

One of the ways we try to balance this is through having four different services on a Sunday. Each service has a unique and distinct identity, recognising that people worship God in different ways. The 7am service is reflective and liturgical. The 08h30 is contemporary and family orientated, while the 10am is traditional. Our 6pm evening service has been 'a work in progress' for a few years now, as we have battled to find this service's identity. Its format is informal and interactive, and it takes place in the Upper Room, allowing for group work and active participation. 

However, there is still a sense that this particular service hasn't yet become all that it could be. For this reason, we are proposing to pause the evening service for a season. To close it for a time, while we think and pray and discern how best to facilitate worship in this time slot. Some suggestions are to use the time for short courses, or to have monthly prayer meetings, or praise and worship sessions. These are just a few ideas on the table. The evening service has a long history in this church, and holds a special place in the faith journey of many people, so it is not a decision we take lightly. But, the feeling has been that this is the right way forward. We would appreciate your prayers and input as we continue to discern the way forward for this evening service.