Be Found

Dec 05, 2022 Mark Wiemers

Storm Chasers are people who drive thousands of kilometres to pursue major storms. Their reasons: maybe to photograph the unique views, or to feel something of the power of nature, or to enjoy the challenge of correctly forecasting and intercepting the storm.

Tommy Tenney, an American preacher, used this metaphor to coin the phrase, “God Chasers”. He said, every Christian should pursue an intimate relationship with God and supernatural occurrences would be an ordinary outcome of the pursuit.

At face value, this sounds fine, but I don’t think it’s what the Christmas invitation is. Why: because it depicts a scenario where human effort is expended in search for an elusive God who is constantly on the move… in the hope of catching him and experiencing something supernatural.

The Christmas invitation tells us that the opposite is true. God is a people chaser! HE comes seeking us. By his initiative, Christ is born into our world. His point of entry is an ordinary little town, to humble parents out of wedlock, in the squalor of a stable, to be surrounded by people marginalised by society, like shepherds and foreign star gazers. God comes into our everyday = seeking us! = chasing us! = courting us! = beckoning us! = inviting us to BE FOUND! Is this not clearly demonstrated in the words of Jesus, found in John 15:16: “You have not chosen me, I am always choosing you.”

The only question is, are we willing to allow ourselves to be Found by this loving People Chaser?

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