Khanyisa 2017 year end

Kym Bishop 04 Dec 2017 sunday blog  Khanyisa  education 

This week saw another year of Khanyisa Teacher Training draw to a close as we celebrated the graduation with the group of teachers who have been part of the programme this year. Ten teachers have been meeting twice a month since January, learning the skills of early childhood development, lesson planning, and theme tables, as well as hearing about children with special needs, first aid, managing a school and growing and developing in their personal capacity as teachers. A range of people have lead workshops, sharing their skills and knowledge with the group, and the teachers have shared their wisdom and experience with the facilitators and with each other.

It is always a privilege to witness from the sidelines the way the group of teachers grows and develops over the year, and to see some of the skills they share with each other and with their schools. At the graduation, I spoke about how when we run a marathon, there are times when it feels good, and times when it feels difficult, but the greatest joy is seeing the finish line. While the teachers have reached this finish line, they know the race is not over. In fact, it is just beginning as they head back to their schools to share all that they have learned.

They take with them knowledge. And knowledge is power, power to change the world. They take friendship, and the support of those they got to know through this year. And they take the kind of hope that can see the bigger picture, see beyond the monthly Tuesday sessions to the potential each one has to make a difference in a child’s life.

Thank you to all of those who have supported this programme, who have helped fund teachers, who have prayed with us, encouraged us, those who have led sessions, who have chatted to teachers, who have encouraged and affirmed those on the journey. Special thanks to Tanya Lawson and Nonny Mpuku, who co-ordinated the course.

The Khanyisa Adult Literacy group also closed for the year, with an end of year celebration and recognition gathering, acknowledging the progress each learner has shown through the year, as well as their commitment to learning. They are a remarkable group of learners and teachers, who faithfully continue with the work of teaching and learning. Thank you to Sue Wills who leads this group. If you would like to find out more about either programme, please chat to a co-ordinator or myself. Exciting things lie ahead for both programmes next year.


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