Action plans

Mar 08, 2015 Michael Bishop UMC news

Here's some feedback for you from our leadership who have been working through what was produced by the three strategic planning meetings we held earlier this year. We believe taking the following action will help us to “be a worshipping community, making disciples of Jesus to change our world”: 

1. Worship: We recognised the need for thoughtful and creative planning in advance for our four Sunday services. We've agreed to have a quarterly meeting of ministers and preachers (that's Clifton, Myles, Gavin and John) to plan the next quarter's sermon series and work carefully on the form of the different services. Your input is welcome! 

2. Building community: We've a music festival and church camp planned for this year – see alongside for details. 

3. Small groups: In addition to our recent small group leader training, we have other training planned and a new pastoral approach to provide better support for leaders. 

4. Reading: For those unable for whatever reason to join a small group, reading (Bible and other) is one helpful practice we want to encourage. Look out for some reading ideas. 

5. Khanyisa: We have had so many offers of help to get involved in Khanyisa that one of the priorities for this year is gathering details of volunteer skills and availability so that we can ensure people land up serving where they fit best. 

6. Relief work: There are many different initiatives in the church serving vulnerable people - making and distributing clothing for example. We aim to better co-ordinate and publicise these activities this year. 

7. Retreat: We will host at least one quiet day this year. 

8. Administrative projects: Some priorities for 2015 a) A series of video clips advertising small groups, pastoral ministries, mission projects and prayer opportunities. b) A skills / gifts / callings audit for our community. We have some specific people needed at the moment – a prayer ministry co-ordinator, a cradle roll / baptism ministry person. c) A small team to consider alternative scenarios for the development of our property at UMC.