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  • News from UMC Sep 26, 2015

    First, a word of thanks for all your care and concern for our kids over this last week. Anna and Tom spent several days in hospital with a nasty virus, but they were both discharged on Monday and doing so much better! But we so appreciated your love and concern during a tough week - thank you! 

    Then some other church news: 

    1. We're exploring two property projects at the moment. First is a proposal to replace the glass doors in the hall with sliding/stacked doors. The idea was first mooted because we are hosting our District WA meetings here next year and this would allow a big group to meet u...

  • Khanyisa Sep 19, 2015

    Did you know at UMC we have a community project called Khanyisa? Within Khanyisa are a number of different programmes, including teacher training, skills development, small business development, adult literacy and barista training.

  • Prayer at UMC Sep 12, 2015

    When our leaders went through a strategic planning exercise at the beginning of the year, it resulted in us tackling all sorts of different initiatives affecting our worship planning, children's ministries, buildings and finance, small groups and mission activities, among other things. Something else we felt that needed to become a greater part of our life together is prayer - we would like to be a church who prays.

  • Creation matters Sep 05, 2015

    In our services this Sunday, we are privileged to have Rev Peter Houston sharing the message with us. Peter is the minister at All Souls Anglican Church, just up the road from us, and Peter and his wife, Clare, have been good friends of our for many many years. A few Sunday's back, I preached at the Anglican services, and so we have been looking for a chance for Peter to share in the services with us. Before Peter became a minister, he was a hydrologist by profession (he still is a hydrologist at heart!) and he has a deep love for and concern for nature and creation. And so it is appropriate that Peter starts off our 'Care of Creation' sermon series for us.

  • New horizons Aug 29, 2015

    I listened to part of an interview this week with Quaker writer Parker Palmer. He is in his 70's and he was describing a weekend he organised with several thirty-somethings where their conversation turned to technology and the way that social media can be used to influence social change. Palmer turned to one of the younger participants and said that he felt like he was standing at a point on the earth where he could only see so far because of the curvature of the globe, but that these younger people were standing a distance away from him and they could see an horizon that he could not.

  • Container village Aug 22, 2015

    In the not too distant future, some large blue and white containers are going to be delivered to UMC – in fact, they may already have been delivered by the time you read this. (If so, you will see them on the bottom field, below the lower parking lot, be sure to take a look before you leave today). For many years, the Sunday School have asked the leaders to look into some options around having their own space for classes on a Sunday. At the moment, the Sunday School meets in the So-High Preschool. While it is a lovely space, it is getting a little small and it is not their own space.

  • Late have I loved you Aug 15, 2015

    This morning Kym is taking us through some of the best loved passages in all of Scripture as our series on Romans reaches chapters 7 and 8. When we began the series a month back, I spoke a little about Wesley, Luther and Augustine – three key figures in the history of the church all of whom encountered God powerfully in the book of Romans. This week I read again these words from St Augustine's autobiography, Confessions:

  • Midrashim Aug 08, 2015

    Within the Jewish tradition is an ancient practice called midrash. Midrashim are stories that emerged centuries ago, told by rabbis who had been reflecting on the Hebrew Bible. Author Jan Richardson explains it as 'in places in the Hebrew Bible where there were gaps, curiosities or contradictions, the rabbis brought the gift of their imaginations, creating stories of wisdom and wonder' that filled the spaces between the written text.

  • Weeping and celebrating together Aug 01, 2015

    Looking back over these last few days, it feels like it's been one of those weeks where we've heard a lot of bad news – especially the awful accidental death of a little girl in our community this week, but also, too many sad stories about serious illnesses, news of senseless deaths on our roads. One of those weeks where you feel too fearful to open a newspaper or turn on the TV. Of course, in a church community, we are likely to hear many more of these stories then if we were living hidden away in our homes, isolated from the pain of the world outside.

  • Eastern Cape connections Jul 25, 2015

    We are safely back from a really wonderful holiday in the Eastern Cape. It was relaxing, restoring and very, very cold! It was good to reconnect with family, and disconnect from our devices. One aspect of our time away which has stayed with me, was the opportunity we had to learn more about our families histories.