The UMC community

Michael Bishop 23 Sep 2019 sunday blog 

I’ve been reminded in a number of ways recently what a very special community we have here at UMC:

  • Janet has been back in the office after some time away, recovering from surgery. One of the first things Janet said on her return was how blown away she has been by the love and support of this community – so many messages of support and offers of practical help. And while she was away, Lynda and Lorna very graciously and without any fuss stepped up and covered for her in the office.
  • In recent weeks we’ve watched this new building take shape on our property and here too members of our community have been amazing – from Tony’s tireless enthusiasm for the project to the incredible generosity of outside suppliers, contractors and professionals as well as the wonderfully encouraging response of our own people who are cheering at every milestone and rallying to help fund this vision.
  • We’ve had to talk through some difficult issues recently with UMC leaders and in the wider circuit and Kym and I have been so touched by the warmth, generosity, maturity and supportiveness of our leaders.
  • A couple of small group experiences have reminded me of the quality of our people: meeting with busy young families who are carving out space to give attention to the formation of young lives; a new Disciple group of 17 members putting in hours of preparation each week, eager to learn from Scripture; hearing stories of groups encouraging their members to take the risk of leading a group discussion. Brilliant!

I could keep going – there are people serving quietly in so many ways, giving generously without drawing attention to themselves, seeking to faithfully follow Christ. It really is a privilege to be part of this family. Thank you!


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