Ignatius of Loyola

Kym Bishop 15 Jul 2019 sunday blog 

You will see in the notices this week some information about an Ignatian Day, focusing on Ignatian Spirituality, happening at the Musgrave Methodist Church later this month. Ignatian Spirituality is an approach to our lives of faith, based on the teachings of a 16th Century theologian named Ignatius of Loyola. According to their website, 'Ignatius was a Spanish soldier who discerned his calling after suffering nearly fatal wounds on the battlefield. He established the Society of Jesus in 1540, instructing the early Jesuits to go out and "find God in all things."'

Ignatian Spirituality can be described then as spirituality for everyday life, believing that God is active, personal, present in our world and active in our lives. The spiritual path laid out by Ignatius through something called 'The Spiritual Exercises' is a way of discerning God's presence in our everyday lives. And doing something about it. As one Jesuit wrote: "God is not remote from us. God is at the point of my pen, my pick, my paintbrush, my needle — and my heart and my thoughts."

Both the Ignatian Day and the Hearts on Fire course are Ignatian in their approach to faith, and both are a great opportunity to grow closer to God – to learn more about prayer, discerning what God is doing in your life, and ways to respond. Why not go along?

On another note, you may have noticed that building has begun on our new classrooms! We are very excited and there are great plans for the spaces already. Have a look at the construction site next to the office block, watch the progress with us, but more importantly, won't you join us in praying for all involved in the project, and especially that these spaces will be places where people come to know God and where God is glorified.


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