Time to build

Kym Bishop 03 Jun 2019 sunday blog 

You may have noticed, if you parked in the bottom church parking area this morning, that some trees have been cut down. (If you didn't notice, have a look after the service!) The trees have been cut down in preparation for the long-awaited new building. For a few years now, our church community has identified a need for a space for our children's ministry – a place that they can set up and make their own that communicates to young people that we value their role and place within this family.

Along with offering a space for children, we love that we are a busy, active, connecting and engaged congregation. But that has often meant we are very short of venue spaces for various small groups, courses, and programmes that run during the week. We are so excited about the opportunities these spaces will offer for people, groups and courses during the week: safe, sacred spaces in which we continue to meet and share life together. We are also excited about the ministry opportunities these spaces will make possible as part of our Khanyisa Community Outreach Programme. Part of the building will also include a toilet block, so that the DLA students have easy, safe access to toilets and don't have to trek through the parking lot during the school day. (Although I suspect the students enjoy the slow stroll outside, rather than being in the classroom:) 

With regards to finances, we have a building fund, separate from our daily running accounts, that has been generated from various fundraising events and specific donations to this project. If you would like to contribute to the building fund, please contact the office, or speak to Tony Southwood about others ways you would like to contribute or be involved.

A team of people have been working hard behind the scenes, getting plans together, looking at costs and other logistics, and figuring out how to make this dream a reality. Thank you to all of those who have been part of this process, for willingly giving your gifts, and skills, and time to this project. Watch this space!


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