And now the work begins

Kym Bishop 13 May 2019 sunday blog 

Does your thumb still bear the mark from voting? I must say, I have really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of thumbs on social media, chatting to people about their experience at the polls and politics generally, and I following election results with various experts offering various opinions on various news sites. Today, I found myself wondering 'is there life after the elections?!' I was struck particularly by two posts I saw on Voting Day. Each person posted a picture of their thumb with ink on the nail. The one caption said, 'job done.' The other caption was, 'and now the work begins.'

It is very easy to think, now that we have gone to the polls and had our say that the work is over. We have read, and thought, we've listened and argued, we've hummed and haa'd over who to vote for, made our mark, and now we can sit back, and like the infamous 'back seat driver' chip in when things aren't going how we'd like them to. But in reality, it is now that the work begins. The work of Nation Building is not just the work of those who find themselves voted into power, it is our work too as people of South Africa. Whatever the final results of the election, we all have a role to play in justice and reconciliation, in healing wounds and making friends, in listening and caring about each other, regardless of the political party we voted for. We also all have a role to play in speaking truth to power, in adding our voice to those whose voices are silenced, in engaging with critical issues in our country. It is now that the work begins.

How can we, as individuals and as a church community, be part of the healing and including work God is doing in this country now? How can we contribute in education, in housing, in land issues, in healthcare? You may think you don't have much to offer, but remember God works in surprising ways, we often least expect. Pray for our country, and be ready to participate in God's work in this place and time. Pray also for the Natal Coastal Synod that will be meeting this week. That as people called Methodist we will hear God's call to do God's work in this time and place.


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