The beginning of Easter

Kym Bishop 23 Apr 2019 sunday blog 

According to the shops and their marketing departments, Easter is now over. The leftover chocolate eggs will now be on sale, and the giant Lindt Bunnies will get put back in storage for another year, and the world moves on to the Next Big Event. In the Christian calendar however, today, Easter is just beginning!

We have been in the season of Lent for the past six weeks. We have been journeying with Jesus to the cross as we have spent time in prayer, fasting, giving and reflection. But today, as we greet each other with the life-changing words, 'He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!', we move into a new season in the liturgical calendar, and it is the season of Easter. The next six Sundays in our calendar are still called Easter, so you have permission to keep eating Marshmallow Eggs for at least the next six weeks :). Easter has only just begun. Because Easter is not the end of one season, but the beginning of a whole new way of being, and today we celebrate that we live as Easter People.

Living as Easter People means we recognise that the cross, and the empty grave have changed everything, including our suffering and moments of sadness as well as our hopes and our joys. Living as Easter People means we live with courage and hope because we know and believe in what God has done. Living as Easter People means we travel the road together, because together we all share both the death and the life of Jesus. Living as Easter People means joy is found not in our circumstances, but in something not dependant on what is happening around us.

Seen in the light of the empty tomb, our perspectives shift and our hearts open to the truth that God is at work, redeeming and restoring all creation and we can live our lives responding to that Good News:

Christ is Risen, He is Risen indeed!


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