Living for today

Clifton Bartholomew 21 Jan 2019 sunday blog 

Recently, Dominique, my wife, underwent rather serious back surgery. There had been an invisible build up over the years to a slipped disc. No trauma, no injury, no accident, just a slipped disc 2 years later. If you have never been close to someone who is about to go into a possible life-changing surgery (as was the case with me), it is a truly gut-wrenching experience.

You are essentially handing the fate of the person closest to you over to a group of people you have never met before and are forced to trust in their expertise. Nonetheless, the surgery was a success and Dom is now on the long path to recovery.

After one of the visits to the hospital, on a particularly difficult day emotionally, I noticed a sign fixed to the boom gate as I left stating, "Beware of Descending Boom", as if speaking of the inevitable pains that come to us all. After the day we had had, it makes me chuckle that a sign like this was posted at the exit of a hospital. Yet, it reminded me of the fragility of life, of the inevitable truth that one day we all will pass to the next life. This whole experience, in fact, made me aware of the fact that we are not in control a large amount of the time and that each day really is a gift.

Life and especially death are difficult topics to grapple with and sometimes we even ignore the latter completely for fear of being crippled in thought. Yet, I am grateful that we serve a King who has defeated death, a King who is always in control, a King who sustains us through all circumstances, a King whose peace runs deep and whose love is never-ending.

Throughout this ordeal, I have learnt a little more of what “submission” means. I have learnt a little more of the importance of living for today (not yesterday or tomorrow, they have worries enough in themselves).

Today, I am alive. Today, I can enjoy food. Today, I can love my wife. 


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