What are you reading?

Kym Bishop 06 Nov 2018 sunday blog 

Part of our daily bedtime routine is to read with our children. Michael and I are very pleased that they have moved on from picture books about 'Spot the Dog' to books that we also enjoy reading. At the moment, Anna and I are reading a book called 'Mahlangeni'. It tells the (true) story of the family of a game ranger, who live in a very remote part of the northern part of the Kruger National Park. So far, they have been accosted by hippos in their boat (they have to park their vehicle on the opposite side of a hippo-infested river, and boat across to get to their home), charged by elephant along their driveway, extracted a python from their headboard, and come face to face with a lioness while out on a family picnic. Their next door neighbour is a local leopard, and their pet is a rescued honey badger. We have decided, when we visit Kruger one day, we will remain in our vehicle at all times :)

What I have really enjoyed about this book, is the way Anna's older brothers come sneaking in to her room to listen to the stories. They are captivated by the adventures that come with living in the wild. But books do that, don't they. They captivate us, draw us in, teach us and inspire us. They invite us to re-imagine the world, and teach us to dream. Through books we experience new things, and discover new ways of doing and being. There is no doubt that it has become more difficult to read – to find the time to read, to resist the temptation of another episode of something on TV, to put aside the list of things to do, to put down the device. But whether novels, or non-fiction, reading is food for our minds and souls. What are you reading at the moment? Have you visited our bookshop recently and explored some of the great books on offer? Perhaps you can start a reading group in your area – over tea or via whatsapp – sharing ideas of things worth reading. If you would like ideas of what to read, or would like to share with me what you are reading, I am always ready to talk books over tea, so just let me know :) 


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