Balancing Life

Kym Bishop 11 Sep 2018 sunday blog 

'Well,' s/he said, 'I'm back'. This is the last line in the book 'The Lord of the Rings'. It is also the line I have been saying all week :) Having been off on sabbatical for two months, this week past has been my first week returning to the office, and to the regular routine of daily life.

Many people have asked if I enjoyed the time off, and what exactly I did. I must admit, I felt completely overwhelmed for the whole first week of the sabbatical, torn between wanting to do everything and nothing.

So, I sat down and made a list, and then I categorised my list (laugh, if you will). But on my list were things I wanted to do – like go surfing. Things I needed to do – like a few reading and writing projects I am working on, and things I had to do, - like some serious spring cleaning at home. I needed to make sure there was an equal spread of fun things I wanted to do, things I needed to do and things I had to do. I was able to run often, and train for the half marathon which Michael and I completed at the end of August (which Michael didn't train for, yet still managed to complete while barely breaking a sweat!)

I was able to swim in the ocean and read my book and fall off my long board a lot. But I also realised that life is busy, regardless. And that even on Sabbatical, we still need to be intentional about priorities, and creating time and space to stop, to reflect, and to balance the list of want to/need to/have to.

I hope, as I head back into reality, that I will continue to hold balance between the lists of things to do, as well as sustain the rhythms of work and rest and that sabbatical represents. And I am looking forward to all that lies ahead at UMC. It is good to be back.


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