Living as Resurrection People

Kym Bishop 03 Apr 2018 sunday blog  easter 

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! What a wonderful gift we receive this Easter morning, knowing that Jesus has risen, conquering sin and death and opening for us the way to life. We have journeyed with Jesus to the cross, now let us go also with the women and the other disciples to the empty to tomb, to see for ourselves that this is no April Fool's Day trickery – it is true!

Let us encounter the risen Christ, in our worship, in meals with our family, in our rest, and even in our return to work this week. For what the lectionary reminds us is that Easter is not just one day, it is a whole season. Just as we needed the season of Lent to get ready for the mystery of Easter, so we have a season of Sundays to reflect on what the glorious truth of Christ's resurrection means for you and for me, and for the whole of creation! And in doing so, living as Resurrection people becomes a way of life, it becomes who we are. It shapes and informs all that we do – for we live in the shadow of hope. May you encounter the Risen Christ this day, and every day. 

Seen: A Blessing for Easter Day

You had not imagined that something so empty could fill you to overflowing, and now you carry the knowledge like an awful treasure or like a child that roots itself beneath your heart:

how the emptiness will bear forth a new world that you cannot fathom but on whose edge you stand.

So why do you linger? You have seen, and so you are already blessed.

You have been seen, and so you are the blessing.

There is no other word you need.

There is simply to go and tell.

There is simply to begin.

(Jan Richardson)


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