Silver spoons

Michael Bishop 23 Oct 2017 sunday blog  community  hospitality 

In Luke’s account of the first days of the early church he describes how the believers would meet regularly for worship “and they had their meals together in their homes, eating with glad and humble hearts” (Acts 2:46). It’s an attractive picture of life together in community and we would love for that practice of sharing meals in each other’s homes to become something that we do here at UMC.

So, if you were in the services last Sunday, you will have been introduced to our six silver spoons which are going to help us to develop this practice. Here’s how it works:

1. Each of our six society stewards has been given a spoon and will invite a person or family from the church to their home for a meal.

2. The meal is not supposed to be a big flashy event that puts pressure on others – the idea is to “eat together with glad and humble hearts”.

3. At the meal, take a group selfie (and include the spoon if you remember!) and send it to the office. We will post it on the UMC Facebook page.

4. The spoon is then handed over by the host to the guest and the guest gets to invite someone into their home, takes a picture and passes on the spoon, and so on.

5. When choosing who to invite, the only guideline is that they must be a part of the UMC community and they may not have had a meal in your home before. If you’re brave enough, try to invite someone you don’t know at all well!

6. Remember too that the aim of the exercise is to develop a practice – so that this becomes something that we do. In other words, we can also try inviting people into our homes even if we are not the current holder of a silver spoon :)

Looking forward to seeing where this adventure takes us!


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