Better together

Michael Bishop 26 Jun 2017 sunday blog  community 

What a week it’s been! On a personal level, I have been practising tying up my daughter’s hair for school (a task not previously entrusted to me...), producing cordon bleu chicken-from-a-box and chips and generally multi-tasking like a man (ie: one thing at a time). But by the time you read this, Kym and Nonnie will be arriving home again, with plenty of news to share about their trip and you’ll be hearing more soon!

The office has been busy too – there’s been such a buzz over the fete and how fantastic it has been to see everyone getting involved in different ways. Well done to Paddy and her team for all the effort made for yesterday – for pulling us all together and for the funds raised for our building work. You guys can all take the rest of the day off :) And thank you to all of you for your participation and support. I hope that you had a chance to meet and talk with other members of your extended family!

This morning John continues our preaching series “Better Together” - focusing on how God has brought us together as the Church and the value of being the Church. Community events like our fete remind us that we are a family – a big, diverse family whom God has brought together. May the joy of being God’s family and the gift of knowing and being known encourage us to continue together in fellowship.

With a lot of things on my mind, it was so helpful to spend time in silence in the church this morning (Friday) with our Centring Prayer group – a time when we simply submit to God in quiet, without trying to solve problems or unravel challenges, but rather to just be open before God and then to go with the real assurance that he is working in us. You’re welcome to join us every Friday at 8am and are encouraged to experiment with this form of prayer on a daily basis. Also, if you’re looking for daily material from Scripture, our website now has a daily readings page with readings from the daily lectionary (Visit and sign up as a user while you’re there!)


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