A visit to Faithbridge in the USA

Kym Bishop 05 Jun 2017 sunday blog  Faithbridge  Khanyisa 

Many of you will remember the teams from Faithbridge Methodist Church in Texas, USA, who have come to spend time with us here at UMC over the past two years. We have become partners through our community projects, and their teams of volunteers have come to spend time with and participate in our community programmes. We have discovered over the years that we have much in common in terms of the work we do, particularly with young people, and in the things we value in community engagement. The Bridging for Tomorrow team have invited Nonny (our Khanyisa Community Worker) and myself to spend a week with them to see and participate in the programmes they run. So, in two weeks, they are flying Nonny and I over to Houston in Texas!

We will stay in the home of one of their programme coordinators, and during the week we will spend time with their staff and church teams. Along with visiting their various programmes, we will be running a few sessions with the young people who are part of their school community programmes and we will be learning about what they do and how. This is a wonderful opportunity for Nonny and I and we are both very excited. We both had to apply for passports and visas, and we have been discussing what to pack, what to leave behind, and what we are hoping for from this experience. We are also both terrified :) For Nonny, this will be her first time on an aeroplane, and first trip to another country. And both of us will be leaving our families and young children and the safety of the world we know. So please pray for us. When the USA teams have visited us, they have asked their congregations to pray a very specific prayer for them. It is this same prayer that I ask you to pray for us. That along with safe travels for us, and that all will go well with our families left at home, that Nonny and I will 'demonstrate authenticity, purity, humility, boldness, wisdom, patience, and love for people. Pray we would experience God in intimate and powerful ways, have a teachable spirit, and be a conduit of God’s love through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that God be glorified in everything we do.'

I am sure that I will see you before I leave on the 15th June, but I look forward to telling you all about our time in Texas when I return!


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