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Michael Bishop 01 May 2017 sunday blog  UMC 

Our family is back from a lovely weekend away to catch up with ourselves after Easter. We had the chance to spend some time up the north coast watching game and enjoying how much greener the area looks after the rain we’ve had during this last year.

Our quarterly leaders’ meeting took place on Tuesday night – here’s a quick summary of some of the key points:

  1. Youth and children: Our new full-time youth pastor is due to be here by the end of the year to start in January 2018. We’re super-excited! and will be able to tell you more about him soon. In the meantime we need to organise him office space and arrange accommodation (if you know of a suitable flat or garden cottage, let us know!)
  2. Upper Room Coffee Shop: We’ve looked long and hard for the ideal person to manage the coffee shop and have come up empty. The coffee shop hasn’t operated all year and so we’ve taken the formal decision to close it. We’ve got some ideas about how to reconfigure the upstairs space that you’ll hear about soon. The bookshop will continue as before (with all our book titles due to be viewable on our website in the next week or so).
  3. Our finances are looking good at the end of the first quarter – we are grateful to God for the way that he provides for ministry through the giving of faithful and generous people.
  4. Fete planning is going well – you’ll be hearing lots more about that each week as we get closer to 24 June :)
  5. Look out for some changes to our website – if you’re a member of the church you’ll be able to login and access a whole range of new features.
  6. Work continues on the design of our new building – after costing the original design we’re rethinking some of the details – more to follow soon!


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