Belonging to each other

Clifton Bartholomew 24 Apr 2017 sunday blog  DLA  lent 

Wednesday was the second day of the school term. During one of the school breaks I was sitting in the church parking lot (which is technically our school break time field) waiting to be challenged to a game of chess by one of our schools chess gurus. I must admit, I have grown a bit obsessed with the game.

While sitting and waiting on my own in the middle of the lot, I felt a serene peace come over me and just for a moment I was fully aware of the chatter of ALL the students, of the laughter, of the warmth from the sun on my arm, of the grass underneath me and of myself amongst all of this. It was as if God reminded me, "This is why I made you". I felt so connected to it all. It was a wonderful moment. I wonder if that feeling was what Paul was talking of when he mentions the unity in the body of Christ.

Since then I have been pondering about the last 2 months, about Easter and the weeks of Lent and I have noticed this theme recurring throughout. Our home groups working through the 'Chocolat' movie together, focusing on the acceptance and love of Christ reflected in the film, the world Church all coming together on the same day in celebration, meeting on the beach on Easter with family and friends. I am alive because I am part of one body.

Romans 12:5 " in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others."

We belong to each other. Remember this. Do not try and go through this life alone. We belong to each other as part of the body of Christ.


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