Kym Bishop 16 Jan 2017 sunday blog  discipline  If you could have any super-power, what super-power would you choose?  We were discussing this question at dinner one evening, and I really enjoyed hearing our children’s creative answers (invisibility, the ability to breathe under water and the ability to generate a never-emptying pudding jar being just a few that came up!)   Since then, I have often found myself wishing in a moment that I had a particular super-power: the ability to transform my car into a helicopter so I could fly over the back-to-school traffic, the ability to make school lunches by simply thinking about them from the couch, and while we’re thinking about it, that I could think myself fit (also from the couch, perhaps with the never-ending pudding jar close at hand!)

What all this super-power wishful thinking made me realise, is how much we long for things to be instant and easy, and immediately satisfying.  We’re an instant society who are used to things happening immediately, and who are promised by advertisers every day that life can be made easier.  So when things take time, or prove to be difficult, we find it hard.  With the New Year in full swing, and life getting back to normal with work and school routines, and regular week day activities up and running again, this is when it becomes difficult to sustain some of the hopes and dreams we have for 2017 (I won’t call them resolutions...)  The plans to read more and facebook less, to spend less and simplify, to give more time and attention to the things that really matter.  As the year picks up its pace, these things begin to feel difficult, because we forget that forming new habits takes time.  In fact, most things that are really worth it, take time and effort.  So if (like me) you are feeling like the year started before you were ready, don’t give up yet.  Continue to be intentional about how you want to live this year, carve out time to build practices into your day that will form and shape you into the person you hope to be.  Try something new.  And who knows, you may discover super-powers you never knew you had, like perseverance and patience.  And if anyone gets the never-ending pudding jar right, please do let me know :)


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