Youth plans

Michael Bishop 12 Sep 2016 DLA  UMC  sunday blog  If you’ve been watching the lower parking area at the church over the last couple of weeks you will have seen a neat wooden structure taking shape on the land. The builders have been going flat out to get one of the high school classrooms ready by yesterday for an open morning with the Destiny Life Academy staff, parents and learners.

The school leadership were very keen for us to be a part of this day – they are so grateful for the space we have offered their school and they’re very positive about the partnership that we are entering into. So, our leaders were invited to come along yesterday and I was asked to pray and cut a ribbon and say a few words to the school community about how excited we too are about this being on this journey together.

But there is still lots to do. You can join us as we pray and work in the following key areas:

1. Logistically, there is much to be done from the school's perspective. They have embarked on a major fundraising effort to get the balance of their classrooms in place. We are still working together through red tape – municipal requirements, for example. And because moving a whole school is not small task, there will undoubtedly plenty of challenges on the way!
2. From our side, you will see some initial 3D images this morning of the building we hope to put up alongside the school. That design needs to be finalised and then submitted for municipal and church approval before we get going on the first phase of construction. We also have much to do to fund this work (although we have some  initial funds and we're very grateful that already some of you have contributed to the project).
3. A key piece of the bigger vision here is the development of youth work at UMC. You may have seen the advert for a full-time youth pastor. Please pray with us and spread the word as we search for the right person to fill this post.

Very exciting times!


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