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Kym Bishop 05 Sep 2016 sunday blog  griefshare  spring training 

On Wednesday, we facilitated the final session in our Griefshare course, that has been running for 14 weeks.  (I cannot believe how fast the year has gone!).  The course was a practical and profound journey through grief, offering some real insight into times of deep loss and sadness.  What was most meaningful was connecting with a group of diverse people, who are all walking the same road, and hearing them share stories, similar experiences and words of comfort from their own places of sadness and hope with each other. 

The final session included a section on how peace and pain can co-exist, how we can experience both joy and sadness.  Too often we live in a world of either-or: we must either be happy or sad, good or bad, right or wrong.  And yet, there was something deeply comforting to hear that most times our lives are multi-storied: we have moments of sadness, yes, but that is not all there is to us – there can also be joy.  In each of us is good and bad.  And sometimes we are right, sometimes we are not.  There are many moments and many stories that make us who we are.  Well done to those who participated in this journey, and shared life with us.

Coming up this week is our annual 'Spring Training' course.  It is a chance to come together as a community of faith to stretch our minds.  This year, we are looking at 'Everyday Theology' and examining some of the current issues of our time from a faith perspective.  We'll be looking at technology, politics, diversity and a Christian response to a broken world.  If you are already part of a small group, talk with your group about coming along for the month.  If you are not part of a small group, you are still welcome!  We'll meet at UMC on Wednesday evenings at 7pm for the month of September.

Then just a reminder that we are looking to employ a full-time youth pastor from next year.  We have an advert on our Facebook page with more details, please pray with us for the right person to join our ministry team.


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