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Kym Bishop 30 May 2016 mission  coffee shop  sunday blog 

There are a number of exciting and hopeful things on my heart and happening in and around the church at the moment:

1. On Wednesday, the Grief Share Group met for the first time. It was an incredible privilege to begin this journey, and it took a lot of courage for people to be there.  Anyone who is grieving is welcome to join us, so feel free to let people know that we meet on Wednesdays at 9am at UMC.

2. Many of the home groups have been asking about opportunities to connect with community projects, and ways to get involved in serving others.  I am busy working on some options for home groups – ways that you as a group can be involved in something that looks outward – so watch this space!

3. For a while now, we have been exploring different ways in which we can work with people who want to establish their own small businesses.  We have been approached by an organisation called 'Paradigm Shift' which does just this, and are looking into the possibility of partnering with them in the work that they do (check them out at www.shiftingparadigms.org).  However, what we need is a person/team of people who are passionate about small business development and community work who can help us discern if this is a good way forward for us.  If you would like to find out more, or be involved in exploring these possibilities, please speak to me.

4. Our Upper Room Coffee and Bookshop has settled into a wonderful space for coffee, reading and conversation.  But we would love someone passionate about coffee shops to come onto the team to grow the vision for this place.  If this is you, please come and speak to me.

5. This weekend is our Synod – a meeting of ministers and lay representatives from our district.  Pray for us as we meet and discuss the work of God in this place

6. A number of people have asked for the name of the poem that was read in the service last week. It is The Cold Within  by James Patrick Kinney. You can find a copy online.


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