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Michael Bishop 01 Feb 2016 circuit  sunday blog  website 

Yesterday our circuit met together for the first time this year at our quarterly meeting in Stanger. We talked about plans for the year in each of our fifteen societies and we launched a new website for the circuit and for each of our societies. This means a new site for Umhlali too. If you go to you will see a number of new features:  

  1. The site is now a whole lot more friendly for browsing on phones and tablets. Most of the content is on the front page and it's really easy to navigate.
  2. We still have the most recent sermon on the front page and you can click through and listen to a whole series or find recorded sermons going back over the last 4 years or so.
  3. We've introduced a blog, which initially is filled with the pieces that Kym and I write for the weekly notices, but we're going to include other material (book reviews, for example) and other bloggers too (some of our other staff and leaders will be prodded to share their writing talents ...).
  4. The small group section on the site includes a map giving you an idea of where our groups meet and you can click through and read about each group. Details are still fairly brief here, but this section is being worked on and will be expanded.
  5. A great feature of the site is that it provides a template for all our societies to use, so you can visit the circuit link, see a map of the circuit and from there visit each society website and get a sense of the bigger family to which we belong.
  6. There's more for preachers, and worship leaders, and small group leaders… But for now, we'd love you to visit the site and give us some feedback.


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