Life-giving service

Kym Bishop 25 Jan 2016 sunday blog  WA  service 

This week, I had at least six different people come into my office and say that would like to get more involved in the church in some way. There are few things more encouraging than people signing up to serve! It is one thing to think it, even to say it out loud, but quite another to be moved to action, ready to find an area and get involved.

When it comes to serving in the church, our hope is that serving will be life-giving for all involved, including those who volunteer. We believe God calls each of us to minister in some way, to use our gifts (whatever they may be) for the greater good. And so, when we are active in serving, and using our gifts, we find ourselves blessed, and growing, and strengthened in faith. Too often, serving in church is associated with fulfilling a duty or an obligation. But we really hope that serving will be just one way people will discover deeper faith, and new life.

So, with all of those who have offered themselves, I have asked, what is it that gives you life? Where is your passion, and where do you think God is inviting you to be involved that will be life-giving for you and for those you serve? There is no one area of serving that is better than another, for we are all different and we all have a role to play in the body of Christ. We have a number of opportunities and ways in which people can serve – ranging from helping on a Sunday, to sponsoring a pre-school, and many others in-between. But in each area is an invitation and an opportunity to grow in our own faith, and help others experience the love of God.

So, if you are wanting to find an area in which you too can serve, please come and speak to me! But also keep your eyes and ears open, as we will be talking more about opportunities to serve. A wonderful example of service within our church happens in the WA. This week, our WA met for their annual AGM, and during the meeting we heard of the great work this group is involved with. Particularly, Gaenor listed the work of the sewing group and some of the groups their work supports. We have put a list up on the foyer notice board – please go and see the extent of this ministry. Thank you to all the members of the sewing group, and the WA, for their faithful service to the most vulnerable in our communities.


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