The Hero book

Kym Bishop 15 Nov 2015 narrative  sunday blog 

Over the last two Fridays, I have been sitting in on some training sessions, where community workers are being trained to run a programme called 'The Hero Book'. This programme aims to equip children and youth to overcome obstacles in their lives and reach their goals. Each week, there is an activity where participants think and reflect on subjects like, who is my hero? What is it that makes that person a hero? What are the goals and dreams I have for my life? Each reflection is illustrated by the participant, and at the end of the course, each person will have their own book, that tells their own story.

In the training sessions, in order to be able to facilitate someone else making a 'Hero Book', we are going through the process of making our own. And so, over the last little while, I have been thinking about who my heroes are, what I consider to be 'hero qualities' as well as the goals and dreams I have for my life. And I am guessing that in the sessions coming up, I will be reflecting on obstacles and challenges I face at the moment.

While I have really enjoyed getting in touch with my inner child again, through khokis and crayons, I have been struck by the significance of these kinds of questions. And I have wondered how many 'grown-ups' have spent time intentionally reflecting on these kinds of issues? Who are the people in your life that you look up to, and what is it about them that inspires you?

At dinner, we have a jar full of fun questions to talk about as a family (it's a Hearts that Hope Jabber Jar, and it's great!). One question this week was, 'Who do you know who is most like Jesus?' And we talked about those Christ-like qualities we can see in others. People in our lives are so easily taken for granted, and their Christ-likeness so quickly overlooked. People who inspire us to be better, who move us to learn and grow, are often forgotten in the rush of life today and seldom do we stop and intentionally think of, and thank those, whose reflection of Christ leads us closer to God. So, won't you join me this week in pausing to reflect on these questions. And perhaps next week we can think on the potential we all hold to reflect Christ to others...


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