Patsy Williams

Michael Bishop 23 Mar 2014 sunday blog  preaching 

This morning is a sad, but proud day for our community. After over forty years of faithfully preaching the gospel in churches all over KZN (but especially here on the North Coast) Patsy Williams has decided that this morning's services will be her last formal preaching appointments. I know that this is a decision that she has agonised over, but for Patsy, there is a rightness about this and a real sense of God's timing. Today is not goodbye (not by any means!) but it marks the end of one phase of Patsy's ministry among us and the beginning of another chapter. So we join together this morning in giving thanks to God for this remarkable lady and her faithfulness and passion in responding to the call of God on her life. She has been an example and inspiration to us all and God has used her wonderfully over the years.

Wouldn't there be a wonderful symmetry about God's timing if the end of this chapter of Patsy's ministry co-incided with the beginning of a chapter for a new preacher or preachers within our congregation? God continues to call men and women to this ministry and is faithful to equip those who are called. Could that call be for you this morning? :)

Speaking of listening for a call, I am so encouraged by Patsy's attitude because this day has never been about 'retiring' or 'stepping down'. Patsy is still listening very carefully for what it is that God has for her to do at this time in this place. She senses that she will be used much more in one-on-one interaction and she's looking forward to seeing how God will bring those ministry opportunities about. So, today as we worship and give thanks, may each of us be listening attentively for God's call – a prompting by God's Spirit to trust him in a new adventure of mission or service.


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