Worship teams

We are in the early stages of establishing worship teams for the 08h30 and 18h00 services. Our hope is to set up multiple teams who will used in the various services on a rotating basis. If you have a passion for worship, are excited about contemporary worship music and have musical ability (whether vocal or instrumental - drums, keyboard, bass/electric/rhythm guitar) contact the office or speak to Michael and we'd love to draw you into this ministry. For those who are interested in learning to play an instrument, we'd be happy to come alongside you and get you started. We're just finishing a series of drum and guitar lessons at present, but will start up again when there is sufficient demand for more of these. Our 10h00 service is a traditional service and we have some fantastic singers in that congregation. We're busy putting together a choir for this service - Derek Stafford is the person to speak to if you're interested.